Meditation and Spirituality

There is a difference between religion and what I call “spirituality.”  Religion is sometimes experienced as a specific set of beliefs.  Spirituality is different for each person. A particular set of beliefs is not required.

To me, “spiritual” doesn’t mean either “pie in the sky” or wildly rapturous gospel singers.  “Spiritual” means the deepest level of what is important in my life: love, family, helping others, creative expression.  I call “spiritual” those experiences in my life that are the most meaningful and profound.  By that definition, everyone can be said to have “spiritual experiences.”

The practice of meditation is central to my own spiritual path.  Meditation is the process of allowing and even embracing everything we are experiencing and feeling.  It’s the process of being receptive and open to vision and insight.  For me, it is the process of discovering who I really am.

Meditation can get us in touch with the Source – whether we call it God, Jesus, Buddha or just a peaceful place inside.  

I believe that the healing that each of us seeks already lies within.  Meditation is a key, because it can help us open to the healing that lies within.

The Unity Prayer

For many, prayer can be the most powerful meditation of all.  Here is one of my favorite prayers, called the “Unity Prayer”:

The Light of God surrounds me

The Love of God enfolds me

The Power of God protects me

The Wisdom of God guides and directs me

Wherever I go, God is

And all is well

And so it is