Do the terms “inner safety” or “inner security” resonate for you?  How might your life change if you felt a stronger sense of inner safety and security?  

My own craving for a feeling of safety was perhaps the biggest motivation in my life.  Through meditation, I learned to feel a sense of calm, safety and well-being that I had never experienced before in my life.

There are many forms of meditation.  “Inner Safety Meditation” is a very special form of  meditation, because it focuses on nurturing a feeling of inner safety.  This was central to my own healing.  With time and practice, it enabled me to get in touch with a feeling of inner safety, anytime, anywhere.

“Inner Safety Meditation” is easy, enjoyable and profoundly healing.  To get the full benefit, it’s essential to make the commitment to regular practice, especially in the first few weeks.  This takes a little self-discipline.  

For many people, self-discipline is quite challenging.  We’re so used to responding to the needs of others and not taking the time for our own healing.  But giving priority to our own healing makes it possible to be so much more giving and loving to others!

“Inner Safety Meditation” is easy to learn.  You can learn the basics in about two weeks, spending about 30 minutes a day.  If you miss a day, nothing will be lost, but to really get the benefit, daily practice is key.  So, before starting, ask yourself this question:  “In order to begin to feel a deeper sense of inner safety, am I willing to make the commitment to myself to practice 30 minutes a day for the next two weeks?”