Inner Safety Meditation: Week Two

Belly Breathing

Continue practicing your Belly Breathing once a day.  Once it’s easy to do lying down, try it in a sitting position.  Pretty soon, you’ll be able to do it lying, sitting or standing, in almost any situation.

Inner Safety Journal

Continue your daily Journal sessions, with three changes:

1)  In Week One, the idea was to write in your Journal every day.  Starting in Week Two, your Journal session can be more flexible: you can write a new entry, read over past entries or re-write a favorite scene.  

2)  Each time you sit down to start your Journal session, take a few Belly Breaths.  Feel some of the relaxation that you feel when you do your Belly Breathing.

3)  Sometime during each session, slowly read over one of your favorite safety scenes, and then practice this visualization:

Close your eyes, and imagine a golden light illuminating your scene.  Imagine the golden light surrounding you and enveloping you.  This golden light represents the safety, protection and peace that is always with you.  Imagine the light getting brighter.  Imagine it feeling warm all around you.  Now, imagine the golden light as a big bubble that surrounds and protects you, filling you with feelings of warmth, safety and peace.  

Here are some additional, optional ideas for your Journal sessions:

1)  Slowly read over what you’ve written in your Journal, and choose your favorite scenes.

2)  Re-write one of your favorite scenes, adding the golden light.

3)  Read one of your favorite scenes aloud.