Inner Safety Meditation: Continuing Your Practice

In Week One, you learned “Belly Breathing” and the “Inner Safety Journal.”  Belly Breathing is by itself a powerful, calming meditation technique.  The Inner Safety Journal helps you to develop your own, deeply personal vocabulary for inner safety.  

In Week Two, you began to use the “golden light visualization” to deepen the feelings and images of inner safety.  Now, you put together what you’ve learned into a powerful meditation practice called “Inner Safety Meditation”.

Inner Safety Meditation

1) Select a “focus of attention” for your ongoing Inner Safety Meditation. Your focus can be:

  • one of your favorite scenes from your Journal 
  • the image of the golden light
  • a combination of the two

The first few times you practice Inner Safety Meditation, you can try a different focus each time.  Then, select your favorite focus for your ongoing meditation practice.

2) Start with some Belly Breathing for a few minutes. Then, focus your attention on your chosen image.

3) When your thoughts begin to wander, gently re-focus your attention on your chosen image.

The length of time for your practice is up to you. Some people like setting aside 15-20 minutes. Others prefer doing the practice for just a few minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. 

Anytime you want to deepen your Inner Safety Meditation, take a few minutes to do a Journal session.  

When to Meditate

The best time to do Inner Safety Meditation is when you feel reasonably calm.  If you are experiencing high anxiety, it is best to use your CBT techniques. To learn more about CBT, tap or click here:

By meditating when you feel reasonably calm, you are not asking your Inner Safety Meditation to compete with established patterns of anxiety.  By using your CBT techniques when you experience anxiety, you are directly addressing and resolving the anxiety, a little at a time.