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In Week One, you learned “Belly Breathing” and the “Inner Safety Journal.”  “Belly Breathing” is by itself a powerful, calming meditation technique.  The “Inner Safety Journal” helps you to develop your own, deeply personal “vocabulary” for inner safety.  

In Week Two, you began to use the “golden light visualization” to deepen the feelings and images of inner safety.  Now, in Week Three, you put together what you’ve learned into a very powerful meditation practice called “Inner Safety Meditation”.

Inner Safety Meditation

Start with some belly breaths, then visualize the golden light.

Imagine the golden light surrounding you and enveloping you.  This golden light represents the safety, protection and peace that is always with you.  Imagine the light getting brighter.  Imagine it feeling warm all around you.  Now, imagine the golden light as a big bubble that surrounds and protects you, filling you with feelings of warmth, safety and peace.

Gently focus on the image of the golden light.  Just allow yourself to rest in the feelings of warmth, safety and peace.    

Next, select a focus or “mantra”.  Your “mantra” can be:

  • a word

  • a short phrase such as "warm and safe"

  • the image and feeling of the golden light

  • your belly breathing, or

  • one of the favorite scenes from your Journal.

The first few times you practice Inner Safety Meditation, you can try a different "mantra" each time.  Then, select your favorite mantra for your regular meditation practice.

There are two keys to Inner Safety Meditation:

1)  The first key is the attitude of “allowing”.  Simply allow yourself to experience whatever comes up during your meditation.  

2)  The second key is learning to gently focus your attention.  When your thoughts begin to wander, gently re-focus your attention on your Inner Safety “mantra”.

Your Inner Safety Meditation encompasses both your Belly Breathing and your Inner Safety Journal.  Anytime you want to deepen and intensify your Inner Safety Meditation, take a few minutes to do a Journal session.  

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