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It’s very helpful to use your cognitive techniques during your outings.  This is more effective than only doing the cognitive work when you get back home.  I can best explain this by introducing the concept of "state-specific" learning.  “State-specific” learning means that you can learn something when you are in one state of mind, and still need to re-learn the same lesson when you are in a different state of mind.

This means that you can be calm and rational and unafraid of panic at home, but that you still have to learn to be unafraid of panic when doing your outings.  This takes time and repetition.  Gradually, you learn to be unafraid on a deeper level.  It's a level of learning that can only take place by doing your practicing.  

When I was healing, I practiced and became very good at using my cognitive techniques during my outings.  Whenever anxiety or panic would come up, I would go right to my cognitive work.  So, every practice was an opportunity to work on and resolve a slice of my “panic pizza”.


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