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Finding a Therapist: A Step-by-Step Guide

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This section of paniccure.com is written by Neal Sideman.  Before reading this section, please read Mastering Panic, which will introduce you to the cognitive-behavioral approach.

If your greatest anxiety is triggered by social situations, take a look at our Social Phobia Resources page.

Practice:  the Key to Recovery

You learn what you practice

How to Practice

"Baby Steps"

Use your cognitive techniques during practicing

Why it's important to resist the urge to run home

Anticipatory anxiety

Creating your "Cue Card"

How much time will this take?


It's OK to experience more anxiety at first

Learning Trust

If I have a panic attack during a practice, will that be a setback?

A panic incident is a success

How to practice when you're upset

For that occasional challenging outing...

Keep challenging the anxiety


Changing the Pattern of Agoraphobia:
Learning to Create "Safe Bases"

"Safe Bases": The Next Step


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