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When I was overcoming agoraphobia, there was a point where I felt like staying within my newly expanded "safe zone".  It's important to rest, but it's also important to keep challenging the anxiety and expanding your safe zone.  Here are a few ideas for continuing to challenge the agoraphobia:

Vary the way you do your outings.  For example, if your outings involve driving: drive a  different car, take a passenger or have someone drive you.  Anytime you vary the routine, you have a chance to challenge a bit more of the anxiety.

Vary the time of day.  For example, if your outings have been mostly in the morning, switch to afternoons or evenings.  

Vary your physical and emotional state.  You could even intentionally try to get stressed and anxious before you do an outing!

So, instead of just “resting on your laurels,” you can continue to practice and make progress by varying your routine.  Then, as soon as possible, plan a new, challenging practice program.  Continuing to practice is the key to “finishing off” what’s left of your agoraphobia.


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