If I have a panic attack while practicing, will that be a setback?


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PDA (panic disorder with agoraphobia) is a very challenging condition.  But you can overcome it by continuing to practice and by giving yourself credit for your successes, no matter how small they may seem.

A big part of my own panic had to do with the fear of failure or setback.  I was afraid that I might have a setback if I had a panic attack when I was practicing.  It helped me a great deal to redefine what I meant by "success".  I told myself that any incident of panic during my practicing was a success, because it was part of the program that was leading to my complete recovery and cure.  I told myself that the only consequence of a panic incident would be more practicing!  And the panic incident would be a success, because it would guide me to the areas I needed to work on.

Even though I still had fear of panic, redefining "success" helped me to practice regularly.  And regular practice was the key.

Looking back on my own healing process, the panic experiences I had along the way actually were successes.  They were incredibly helpful, leading to my biggest insights and breakthroughs.  Learning that I could deal well with any experience of panic was very profound, and I couldn't have learned this without experiencing some panic! 

During your practicing, any incident of panic is an opportunity for a rich learning experience.  Any incident of panic is a success, because it is an integral part of the program that leads to your full recovery.

Here is a drawing that illustrates this essential idea.

A panic incident is a success



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