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When I was healing, my own therapist suggested doing outings – called "practicing" – at least 4 times per week.  I practiced 6 times/ week, taking a day off each week.  

Most of my own practicing consisted of driving a specific route from home.  As I extended my range and I was driving further, my practices took longer.  It's important to have plenty of time available, because in addition to doing your practicing, it would be great to have the time to reward yourself with some comforting, fun and engrossing activities.  For me, it was great to be able to get my mind completely off everything and just do something I enjoyed when I got home.

Also, in planning my outings, I made a point of coming up with destinations that would give me some enjoyment.  For example, one destination I chose was a beautiful park.  The "practice" of driving there, using my cognitive techniques to work through my anxiety, was hard work.  But once I got there, I really enjoyed the park.  This made it a lot easier for me to stick with my practice program.  

Remember, once you’ve learned your cognitive techniques, the only requirement for complete success is continuing to practice regularly.  Planning for some enjoyment during your outings and when you get home will really give “staying power” to your program.




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