How I Achieved My Cure of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia: 
An Open Letter to Those on the Healing Path
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Any important skill we learn in life we learn through practice.  The best method of practicing is taking things step-by-step, appreciating our success at each step.  Learning to appreciate our successes is itself a practice and is key to learning anything new.

My favorite example is learning to walk.  Parents instinctively know how to encourage their babies to learn to walk.  No matter how slowly their child learns, no matter how many 'missteps', the parent instinctively knows that every step is a success.  The parent knows that the pratfalls are a vital part of the learning process and so they are successes too.

There were two 'practices' through which I learned, step-by-step, to master my panic and anxiety:  meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  

Practice #1: Meditation

Through my practice of meditation, I learned to feel a sense of calm, safety and well-being that I had never experienced before in my life.

My own definition of meditation is very broad, and includes guided imagery and relaxation techniques.  My introduction to meditation came by simply lying down on my bed and playing tapes of guided imagery.  Later, I learned and practiced relaxation techniques.  When I had made sufficient progress in my healing, I started taking meditation classes.

The guided imagery tapes that were so helpful to me were specially created for me by Mimi Peak, an extraordinary teacher and healer. Ms. Peak is available to discuss creating a guided imagery tape for you. You can call her at (818) 990-0408 or send an email to

There are many other excellent audiotapes and books available to introduce you to guided imagery, relaxation techniques and many other forms of meditation.  A great way to start is to simply experiment until you feel drawn to a particular form of meditation practice.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a spiritual or religious connection, you can find rich teachings and wonderful teachers of meditation in almost any religious tradition or spiritual path.  And for many, prayer itself can be the most powerful meditation of all.

Whatever the form of meditation, the key is that it truly becomes a practice, integrated into your daily life.

My own practice of meditation helped me to heal the life issues that were connected with my panic disorder.

Through meditation, I began to learn the very profound lesson that I could focus my attention where I chose, regardless of external circumstances or internal thoughts and emotions.

Through meditation, I began to experience within myself a sense of freedom and mastery that was beyond what I had ever imagined.  For the first time in my life, I began to experience within myself a place of inner peace.  (See Inner Safety Meditation)

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