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The following is a selection of “thank you” emails sent to Neal.  To protect confidentiality, names have been omitted.  A few have been edited to reduce length. 



Dear Neal,

          Just thought I would give you an update on how I am doing.  Things have been going pretty well in this last month! After the work we did on the phone, I looked at panic attacks a lot differently and haven't had a full-blown panic attack.  Accepting and kind of welcoming them, somehow decreased them.  Well I just wanted to let you know of my progress and say thank you again for starting me on a new path of healing. I cannot express my gratitude enough.





I really appreciated your time last night.  I'm still amazed at the fact that for 17 years, no one could/would give me guidance on this journey.  They were perfectly willing to wish me well on my journey, but i've gone alone with only a few fans cheering me on from the sidelines. You've been the first to walk with me.



I have been suffering from panic disorder & agoraphobia since over 20 odd years. I was okay for sometime but had a relapse in 1999.  I tried various treatments including medication which hardly worked.  In just 3-4 sessions Neal had me going out and greatly helped with CBT.

 Neal is worth every cent I spent.  He knows about panic more than any doctor I have met because he has suffered himself.  I am as confident as ever and plan on flying soon with Neal’s sessions via Skype.

 Mumbai, India



I write to say "thank You". Your honesty, openness, knowledge, and experience is very encouraging. I've wanted hope; but, I saw none before today.  I thought of the settling for, "learning to tolerate" my situation.  Thank you for your compassion & love. Thanks for not forgetting about the ones still in the mist of the storm. Once I am delivered, I hope to do the same for someone else.  May God bless you, Neal.




I am eternally grateful to you for all of your help and guidance.  I know that I am in a much better place than I would have been had I never worked with you.





I would like to thank you again for the intro phone session. I am already seeing some benefits. I have invited the monster in so I can practice "allowing". It didn't wan't to visit the last two days.

People like you are very rare indeed. Your experience with the terrors of panic disorder seem to have given you this calling to help others. There are many Panic/Anxiety websites that are preying on the most vunerable people to reach for their credit cards, and then leaving them dissapointed with the sparse material that provides very little if any relief. You, on the other hand have provided a wealth of information that can be applied quickly.

Neal, thank you so much for your website, time, dedication and compassion. I'll keep in touch.




It’s been months since I’ve had symptoms, but when they do pop up from time to time, I not only know what to do, but I know two other things. First, I completely understand the phenomenon (which takes the wind out of it), and it clues me in to the fact I need to do some preventative things (CBT stuff).

Since we last spoke, I have been able to “spread the word” and passed along a lot of what you have taught me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told a friend, my sister, my hairdresser, etc. about the “Panic Pizza” and the “Panic Monster”.  I have passed along your website to countless of people.  It has given them the answers they’ve been seeking, after years of suffering.  You have helped so many of us, and I want you to know there are so many of us who are grateful to you.




I even don't have the words to say thanks, no doctor or psichiatrist, helped me as much as you and you web site so far.

with my whole admiration for yor time dedicated to me

Turin, Italy




Greetings Neal,

I can't remember when my last panic attack was!!!!! I can't believe it! It has probably been a couple months!!!!!

I've been offered more hours at work, given more responsibility, going to my gym 3 times a week, have come back to myself and my feelings, started to make decisions for me and only me, have confronted other parties who have not been treating me correctly, am making the relaxed times longer and longer and the list goes on and on. I feel great and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not surprised and elated at what I have accomplished so far. I'm still learning, still have more things to tackle and try, still have some days where the new confidence is challenged, but I figure that is ok. Keeps me on my toes.

And others are noticing as well, which is a great verification that all is going very well. People at work are asking me if I have changed my hair or something, hee hee. Little do they know that I'm changing inside.

I still plan on attending the ADAA conference and am looking forward to it.

I have even had a chance to help 2 people who also are confused with panic. It was a great feeling, to lay it out for what it is. It is really fantastic to tell others, to let them know they are not alone, and that it is not something we have to just "live with".

Thanks again Neal, I know I've said this many times, but I mean it every time. I would like to carry on to someone else what you have done for me. Take care.

Berlin, Germany





You seem to know more technique, etc. than any of the physicians/pscy's that I've spoken with.

Thank you again for your time/dedication.  I will certainly keep you informed and updated about my progress.  I will soon be bragging to you about the success over panic disorder...be ready for that.




It seems to hard to believe that anyone can overcome this, but I have a new hope that I will be able to reach the point that you have some day. 

Again you are truly a saint, and I hope you realize how much it meant to me to have you talk to me.  It is so wonderful to know that you are out there, and that you are someone who has beaten this, which means that I can do the same! 




Disney World was Great!!!

Neil, Thanks so much!! I had alot of anxiety about the trip, but once I got there, i did wonderful!! No meds, but I did use my cue card driving down and my breathing exercises!!! What a success!! I rode on rollercoaters, trains, buses, monorails etc .. All these things that I used to think meant loss of control!!! Anyway, i will keep on going and remember if i do happen to panic it will be a success!!
I am so grateful to you!! Thanks a million and hugs to you!!

Your friend




Neal, Thanks for your reply to my last email, and for all of your encouragement over the past month. I would like to congratulate you for all the hard work and effort that you, and Paniccure do for people like myself. God has truly given you a gift of unspeakable love, to touch the hearts of the broken hearted, through your program. Keep up the wonderful work. When you described to me that panic cannot ever harm you, its a natural built-in defense mechanism fight or flight response those words of comfort set me on the right path for my healing! the lightbulb went on! the Panic Dog description SET ME FREE Thanks Neil,may Gods blessings be with you, will keep in touch, goodby for now




Good morning Neal ,

I want to thank you so very much for the time you gave me last night.  What we had talked about will be the beginning of my new life ...I feel like an onion and we have started to peel away the layers to more unstanding   of the PDA...In time i know i will have my control and life back together ....I thank you from the bottom of my heart .Hope to keep contact with you through my life ...I shall never forget the time you have givin me  and i promise to start useing the tools

[The next day]

Good afternoon i want to let you know today i started my journal and i had a panic attack and used the tools you gave me today ...And it was so much easier for me ty so very much for the help you are doing ...You are a true Gem



Hi Neal-

Thank you for all your time talking last evening, it was incredibly helpful.  I woke up this morning with a lot more hope than I've had for a while.  I am committed to getting to the other side of this 'monster'.   

It is an invaluable service you are offering to people, and humankind!   




Anxiety is hard enough to contend with when you have an established sense of how to help yourself and who you can turn to for help. Without these things, life can be downright terrifying. Thanks to you, I feel confident that I may overcome my anxiety yet. Thank you for giving me hope. I appreciate your dedication to helping people help themselves more than I can possibly express.




I am so eternally grateful to you for that gift that you gave to me.  Everything you said to me and taught me, made so much sense.  To this day, I can recall almost everything that you taught me, and I’ve tried so hard to “pay it forward” and in turn, help other people overcome their struggles with panic.  It’s so weird to be on the other side, saying things like, “One day you’ll welcome the sensations associated with panic, although by that time those sensations won’t be affecting you anymore.”  I’ll never forget when you told me that, and back then, I thought there would never come the day when I would ever want to feel any of those sensations again.  Now I laugh because I get it.  Like I said, being on the other side is not only a healthier way to be, but very empowering to know what I’ve overcome.  Again, I’ll always know in my heart, that I just couldn’t have gotten through this without your wisdom, your compassion, and your friendship.  I am just so thankful for everything you’ve done.




Thank you very much Neal. You are a generous and caring expert. Your calling is such a high one. And it is obvious to me that you have chosen this higher calling for your life. And I am grateful to you for sharing with me the information that can assist as I try to heal. And try to walk in this world, grounded and more free. Thank you again. With best to you as you continue your good work and life,




  Hi Neal
I've lot- to say & dont know from where I should  start.
All I can say  that . 
  You saved my life.
  I've recovered without medication without anybody around me (except you) 
  I've understood handling panic attacks.
  It was a very long battle but I didn't give up, kept fighting ......
  It may relapse ,but now I can handle it.
I'm still learning more to handle  my anxiety & mild attacks of panic.
I 'll send you my full story soon ,that , if you like ,can include in success stories  on paniccure .com.
I dont have words to thank you.
I'll keep on mailing you .





Hi neal, thanks again for last night. Great news, i was getting off work and saw i was low on gas... the nearest gas station is two buildings down from where i work, but i was feeling pretty brave after our session so i decided to force myself to go across town for gas. Im not gonna lie Neal, I turned back twice and almost went home feeling down. Suddenly i remembered how you said that even when we experience panic its not always a bad thing. I got tough and said to myself  "no matter what happens im not gonna die or go crazy so it cant be so bad". To make a long story short i made it to the gas station and back with an anxiety level of about 5!! I feel so good about it and i owe it to you Neal. I know i am not all the way cured but i am one step closer!!



Dear Neal,

I just wanted to say thank you for starting me on my road to recovery from panic disorder, anxiety & agoraphobia.  I think I’m getting there, slowly but surely. 


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