The Most Powerful Approaches to Healing:
2)  Physical Calm and Balance
-- by Neal Sideman


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Here are some things that helped me achieve physical calm and balance:

1) A Healthy Diet

Take a look at your diet. Many people are very sensitive to caffeine and sugar. Soft drinks often contain both. Many people, like me, have benefited from eating a healthier diet, with frequent, healthy snacks during the day.  It's easy to experiment with diet and see if it makes a difference.  

One friend of mine kept complaining about having panic attacks which didn't seem to be related to anything.  Then he told me that he drank 6-8 cups of coffee a day!  You're probably not doing that, but take a look at your diet.  Does it support your healing? 

2) Aerobic Exercise

When I was healing, I found daily aerobic exercise to have a dramatic effect in lowering my anxiety.  It can have an amazing effect in "balancing" the body.  Walking, jogging, swimming, aerobic videos and home exercise machines are all great.  Free-form dancing is a great aerobic exercise and can also be an incredible emotional release.  

Aerobic exercise gives you the experience of feeling good while your breathing and heart rate are elevated.  It helps you feel more physically relaxed and more energetic at the same time.  What kind of aerobic exercise could you comfortably do now?

If you haven't exercised much lately, I highly recommend starting a gradual program of aerobic exercise.  If you have any health concerns about exercising, check with your doctor before you start.

3) Warm Baths

Another thing that helped me to physically relax was taking warm baths.  After doing my aerobic exercise, I soaked in a tub instead of taking a shower.  It really calmed me down. 

4) Chamomile Tea

Here's a really simple one that was very helpful for me: I got in the habit of starting my day with chamomile tea.  It helped me start my day feeling calm. 


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