The Most Powerful Approaches to Healing:
5)  Medication
-- by Neal Sideman


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Medication is a powerful tool for healing for many people.  Leading professionals in the field of panic disorder regard both medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as good treatment options.  This is not a “black and white,” “either-or” issue.  Many psychiatrists who are experts with medication now embrace and recommend CBT.  And many experts in CBT recognize the benefits of medication for many people.

Medications can affect both our physiology and our thoughts in a very beneficial way.  CBT also affects our physiology and our thoughts.  I believe that CBT actually alters brain chemistry, in a very positive way.  This is hardly a revolutionary idea.  Our thoughts affect our bodies in many ways, many times each day.

My own personal view is that CBT can be a more powerful road to healing than medication, because it teaches us new, empowering skills.  But for many, medication is the main road to healing.  For others, medication is a “bridge,” providing relief until they learn their CBT skills. is not a medical website, and does not give advice regarding specific medications.  However, here is a link to an outstanding website with excellent information on medications:



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