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4)  Thank You, Socrates


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Socrates, born in Athens in 469 B.C., was one of the greatest teachers of all time.  His  “Socratic Method” of teaching involves:

1)   a conversational style,

2)   asking and answering questions,

3)   using logic and deductive reasoning, and

4)   relying on experience and empirical fact

Mastering panic is a learning process, and the Socratic Method is one of the most powerful tools for learning.  To take advantage of the Socratic Method, respond to your  scary thoughts with a “Q &  A” – question and answer – style.  Actually have a conversation with yourself – posing questions, answering them, and relying on logic, experience and fact.  By taking after Socrates – using his “Q & A” style – you actually start to become your own “wise teacher”.

The examples on the next couple of pages demonstrate the power of the “Q & A” style. 

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