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You can learn to master panic by repeatedly answering the scary thoughts – silently to yourself, out loud and in writing.  Here’s how to do this in writing:  start a journal or notebook, and title it “Mastering Panic” or another title of your choice.  When you experience anxiety or panic, start a new page.  Write the date, time and circumstance at the top of the page.  Then, create three columns down the page, with the third column the largest.  Title the first column “Sensations,” the second column “Scary Thoughts” and the third column “Realistic Response”

Date:_________    Time:_________    Circumstance:________________________

Sensations                       Scary Thoughts                     Realistic Response









The first column is for any sensations you feel.  Sometimes, the sensations can be subtle.  Write down whatever comes to mind.  

The second column is for writing out the scary thoughts.  This part is really key.  Be as specific as you can.  When you identify the scary thoughts, you are well on your way.

The third column is for giving a realistic response to the scary thoughts. This is where you really learn to "deflate" each scary thought.  It takes time, practice and repetition.  Use your creativity and sense of humor.  Deepen what you’ve already learned by re-reading pages 1-9 of “Mastering Panic”.

With each entry in your notebook, give yourself credit.  Each time you allow, identify and answer a scary thought, it's a huge success!

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