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Draw a large circle on a blank piece of paper.  Then, with your pen or pencil, cut it into slices like you are slicing a pizza pie.  Cut it into quarters, and then into eighths.  Most people love pizza, but I've never seen anyone trying to eat a whole pizza pie all at once.  Cut into manageable slices, it's very delicious.

Believe it or not, panic is a lot like a pizza pie.  Taken all at once, it's overwhelming.  But taken one slice at a time, it's manageable (and even tasty!)

Panic consists of a bunch of sensations and scary thoughts, all rushing through in a fraction of a second.  It's important to learn that panic arises from our survival instinct and that it is never dangerous.  (See EducationBut that intellectual knowledge just isn't enough when four sensations are triggering four scary thoughts all at the same moment.

By identifying each slice of your panic pizza, you can learn to master your panic, one slice at a time.  Each slice by itself is no match for the powerful techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy.  And, as you learn to master each slice, your panic pizza gradually loses its power to overwhelm you.  

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