The Attitude of Allowing
by Neal Sideman


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The “panic dog” is big and scary, but it is incapable of hurting you.  When you stop running, the panic dog stops chasing you.  With no one to chase, he looks kind of confused.  He starts to wag his tail, then tries to lick your face!

You discover that the “panic dog” was not chasing you to hurt you after all. 
He was chasing you to protect you!  He thought you were in danger and needed protection!

When you allow panic instead of running from it, the experience is transformed.  Physiologically, panic is very similar to exhilaration.  As I recovered, I began to experience exhilaration in situations where I had previously experienced panic.  When I entered a challenging situation and “opened wide” to panic, I didn’t experience panic.  Instead, I often experienced a very intense and beautiful exhilaration. 

Many people devote themselves to seeking out this very experience of intense exhilaration – with great effort, expense and often danger to life and limb.  On my healing path, I got to experience it easily, safely and for free!



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