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The biggest life issue for me was grieving.  Everything that helped me through my grieving process also helped with the panic.  The things that helped me the most: attending a bereavement support group, talking with friends, therapy, and finding a spiritual community that resonated deeply for me.

I believe that, deep inside, each of us knows how to go through the grieving process.  It is something that almost everyone goes through at some time in their lives.  Help and support can be found in unexpected places.  When you look for it and ask for it, there is an amazing amount of support available from others.

I found a lot of support at a bereavement group at my church.  I only went a few times, but it was tremendously helpful.  It helped me to understand a lot about the grieving process and how almost everyone goes through it in one way or another. 

The first bereavement group meeting was a transforming experience for me.  Each person had a different situation with their grieving and their own "timeline".  One man was just starting to grieve about the loss of his father, which had occurred 40 years earlier, when he was a baby.

Each personís situation was different, but there was a deep commonality among all of us.  At the deepest level, the grieving process was the same for each of us.  It was very healing to recognize that we were all going through a profound part of the human experience.

For most of the people in group, the #1 issue was letting the emotions come up.  The safe, loving environment of the group really helped people open up to their emotions.  I did a lot of crying.

You can find bereavement groups through churches, therapists, hospitals and health plans.  The panic disorder can make this difficult, i.e., being able to go to the group meeting!  This was hard for me, but I was lucky to find a group close to home that I could get to.  If this is in the realm of possibility, I strongly recommend it.

My own panic was deeply connected with my grieving, and my recovery from panic only went so far until I could really deal with my grieving.  The panic disorder was actually a huge gift, because it got me to heal from my grieving on a level that many people never get to experience.

Early on in my healing process, I would often experience panic as a "herald", announcing that grieving emotions were coming up.  As I made progress with my healing, I became able to feel my sadness without feeling panicky first!  I found that letting go and crying actually felt good, wasn't scary, and led to deep insight and healing.


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